Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Two Ladies meet for Coffee...

Guest blogger Two Ladies meet for coffee…By: Jaclyn Kochis

The New York Times features a piece called “Coffee, the Daily Lift” in which they interview three New Yorkers about their daily routines and the role coffee plays in it. Similarly, I have the pleasure of telling a story about two ladies who took some time in their busy schedules to meet for coffee. Tara Michener and I had met through Chamber of Commerce meetings nearly a year ago. I immediately took to Tara because of her outgoing personality and friendly nature. She was someone who, after I would talk to, left me feeling as though I needed to go back to work and push myself a little harder—in short, she inspired me.

Even more, her mission to promote self-esteem and diversity seemed to match my vision at The Michigan Paralyzed Veterans of America (MPVA) where I work as the Director of Development and Public Relations. I found that what Tara promotes and what we promote at the MPVA is entirely parallel because we both strive to build awareness on issues of diversity and inclusion.

Thus, we began to schedule periodic meetings over coffee so that we could discuss our goals together. And, just after the first of the year, Tara and I set up another coffee meeting which led us to some exciting conclusions. First, we were both reminded of how powerful a simple “brainstorming session” could be.

Second, we both discussed how powerful a group of committed business men and women could be in discussing topics of diversity—basically we had just outlined the goals for The Dimensions of Diversity Alliance. You see, in just a short amount of time two ladies in a coffee shop were able to come up with a vision and set out to make it happen. While this happens every day, I think we tend to forget how influential people can be when they come together and support one another’s goals. That is why I am particularly excited to see what we are able to come together and create through The Dimensions of Diversity Alliance.

I have no doubt that we will surely demonstrate that greatness is achieved when our distinctly different minds collaborate towards one distinguished goal! I look forward to meeting you all on February 25, 2010 at 3:00 PM at The MPVA Chapter Headquarters located at 40500 Grand River Avenue in Novi.

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